Mumbai Mirror

Miles brought the best out of his musicians by allowing them and encouraging them to be themselves and create their own way of playing and interpreting music. – Chick

Firstpost, India

Neither Miles nor any of the musicians ever thought in terms of “genres.” We were just trying things that we thought were creative and would communicate well and that we loved. – Chick

Jackson Hole News & Guide

It’s true, my life is rich in musical friendships. Each one is unique and incomparable. – Chick

Milwaukee Shepherd-Express

Music and Art are a kind of antidote to the Darkside of life – so it’s a pleasure to be able to deliver this every time I play. – Chick

La Provence, Marseille

Life without an Adventure and something challenging to do is a dull life – or no life at all. I love the challenge of exploring the infinite number of ways to communicate with music. – Dan

Musica Jazz, Italy

“Jazz” is everywhere, and that’s a great thing, because it is truly a universal language, as is all music. – Chick

The Seattle Times

I believe we can create whatever we want to create if we don’t let ourselves be stopped by the barriers. That’s probably the major challenge and also fun of life. – Chick

Amelia Island Chamber Music Society

The collaborative aspect of making music is the most exciting to me. Working with other like-minded musicians is a joy beyond saying. – Chick

Diario Vasco, San Sebastian

Every moment of life can be innovation. At least that’s the ideal. When life is new, it is really life – Chick

La Vanguardia, Barcelona

Communication is a huge subject. It’s something that should come very natural but sometimes it doesn’t. It’s an ability that can be enhanced and increased, with practice, in the right direction. – Chick

What’s Up Newp, Newport RI

Music lovers are pretty much spiritually the same everywhere. It’s something good human beings hold in common. – Chick

El Comercio, Mexico

I consider myself fortunate to be able to continue to bring my music to people everywhere. It’s a joy to be able to make people feel good. – Chick

PubliMetro, Venezuela

I always loved the way Steve Gadd interpreted my compositions – – he creates the special rhythms that you can’t just write down on paper. – Chick

Chick & The Vigil in Argentina: August 2014

My successes have always been the result allowing myself to be interested in what I’m truly interested in – and then learning more about it. – Chick