Chick’s Gallery

I find drawing very relaxing and fun. I like to use pencils and crayons mostly because it’s convenient and easy to carry around on the road and onto planes. I do plan to one day study and practice the drawing of “real” things ­ people, animals, skies, trees and flowers — improve technically as a graphic artist. But for now I have found it enjoyable to just draw random images. I have no particular technique (as you can clearly see) ­ but, as I put lines and marks down on a surface, I can tell when I’ve got something flowing and I can immediately tell when I like what I see and when I don’t like it.

Music is the area where I put in the time needed to bring the technical rendition up in quality as far as I can. Drawing helps me relax and create something for no reason — just because I like to do it and it’s fun. Of course, this is the most successful approach to Music or anything really: do it for no reason and just because it’s fun. But the society frowns on this attitude ­— calls it “lazy” and “irresponsible” — and so we must keep that approach a little bit secret and pretend we’re working really hard.

But practicing any artform can open doors to becoming aware of our basic impulses as spiritual beings to create and know that we are creating something that we consider worthwhile. So I present to you my drawings and doodles and meanderings in the hopes that it inspires a few of you to realize any creative goals you may have.

// Chick