El Comercio, Mexico

Mr. Corea, thank you for the opportunity of this interview. What are we going to hear at your concert in Lima? What can you say about Steve Gadd? Have you enjoyed playing with the band so far?

Steve and I are old friends and have always enjoyed making music together. We’ve been talking about a project like this for years – and the time has come. The new band made a new recording in February and we will be playing some of the new music as well as some of the tunes that Steve and I have recorded together through the decades.

You have said that some of your musical roots are Latin American. Are you interested in Peruvian music? Could you mention some artists that you like (if not Peruvian, Latin American)?

In the new band we have Luisito Quintero from the musical Quintero family of Caracas. And our bassist is from Cuba – Carlitos Del Puerto. Going on to introduce the rest of the band: our guitarist is Lionel Loueke from Benin, Africa – our saxophonist Steve Wilson from the US.

I have an old friend from Peru – the great percussionist Alex Acuna. I would love to learn more about Peruvian music.

Are you optimistic with the present and future of music? It seems that you don’t talk too much about politics. Do you consider that music and art should be independent from the political situation? We understand you are a Scientology member. What is the main reason you decide to join Scientology? You are very active as a musician. Do you still enjoy playing for people? Does a musician think on living in silence?

I love my work being a musician. I consider myself fortunate to be able to continue to bring my music to people everywhere. It’s a joy to be able to make people feel good. I believe that music can remind us of our basic nature – since everyone is an artist in the heart.

The Music and Art I love is essentially non-political. I began to practice Scientology because the ideas that L. Ron Hubbard sets forth in his writings and lectures are grand humanitarian principles that I always naturally agreed with. I also love participating the Church’s humanitarian effort around the world, using the principles of Scientology to help people and generally improve life.

This new band with Steve Gadd is very exciting to both of us and all in the new band. I’m really looking forward to bringing our music to the Peruvian people!

Thanks for your questions,