What’s Up Newp, Newport RI

Tell me a little about the new album coming out. Are there songs from both you and Steve? Original material? Covers?

All my compositions – newly written for the new band, except one older composition – the 1st composition I wrote for Return to Forever, with that same title.

You’re approaching the 50th anniversary of “Now He Sings, Now He Sobs.” What are some changes that you’ve experienced over the years when it comes to making albums?

Well – the technical aspect of making recordings these days is totally changed, in that recording studios are more and more going out of use and recordings are being done in home studios – – as this one was. The recording technology has improved in many ways but the sound quality of the recordings of the ’50s and ’60s are still yet to be matched.

Well, it’s obvious that the Internet has changed everything in regard to recorded music reaching the public.

Tell me a little about your current touring band – it looks like it has an international flavor.

That’s right: Steve Gadd is from Rochester, NY – Steve Wilson is from Hampton, VA – Luisito Quintero is from Caracas, Venezuela – Carlitos Del Puerto is from Cuba and Lionel Loueke is from Benin, Africa. I grew up in Chelsea, Mass.

I see you’re headed to South America after the Providence show. Do you approach performing there any differently than the US? How is your audience different?

Music lovers are pretty much spiritually the same everywhere. It’s something good human beings hold in common. I guess that’s where we get the phrase, “Music is the universal language.” I think the South Americans will particularly enjoy this band, because of the rhythm section and the type of grooves the band gets into.

Anything else you’d like to add.

Steve and I have been talking about putting a new project together for years. It’s finally come to fruition and it’s been a real blast playing together with this great new band!

Thanks! Safe travels on the bus!

Thanks, and thanks for your questions and interest.

Best – Chick