The Morning Call: May, 2013

I spoke to Miles before my first gig. “Will there be a rehearsal?” His immediate answer: “Nah, just play what you hear.” — Chick

Shanghai Daily: April 2013

For me life has just begun. I see so many possible ways to keep life interesting and create music with and for others. — Chick

iRock Jazz: April 2013

I go for musicians whom I feel I can get in great rapport with. The instrument is secondary. I look for musicians doing something unique. — Chick

All About Jazz: August, 2009

In the early ’50s I came across Horace Silver’s music and began to copy his songs and piano solos. That was a great school for me … — Chick

Libero: June, 2010

The Italians were among the first Europeans to embrace jazz. I feel at home in the north, in the south and also in Sicily. — Chick

Mladina Newspaper: November, 2012

My father had many 78 RPM vinyl recordings. I listened to Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, the Billy Eckstein big-band … — Chick

Delo Newspaper: November, 2012

Musicians are always searching for the right “combination.” You could take any music to discover how it is a “fusion” of elements. — Chick

La Vanguardia: November, 2012

I learn from all the great musicians I have the privilege of working with – they are like family. So I keep making new projects. It’s my joy. — Chick

El Pais: November, 2012

My mission is to bring the joy of creating everywhere I can. When I can bring some pleasure I become happy myself. —Chick