Libero: June, 2010

In your career you have a duet with an incredible number of musicians. In your opinion what are the characteristics of Stefano Bollani? Can you give your assessment of this musician?

Stefano is a masterful pianist and improvisor. He has a wonderful lyric ability and is a wonderful composer and arranger as well.

How was this artistic encounter?

Stefano and I hooked up immediately. I think we share a lot of similar tastes and musical language so it was effortless to communicate.

This time you do something different?

With improvisation it’s always unpredictable.

What do you think of Italian jazz? Besides Bollani there any Italian musician who impressed you?

The Italians were among the first Europeans to embrace jazz. There are many wonderful Italian jazz musicians. I recently met and heard Enrico Pieranunzi and was very inspired by his trio music.

What’s been your experience performing at Festivals in Italy like Umbria Jazz Festival?

It’s always a pleasure to travel and play in Italia. I feel at home in the north, in the south and also in Sicily. Of course the Italian people and language reminds me of my grandparents who were from Catanzaro and Messina.