PubliMetro, Venezuela

Thank you, Mr. Corea, for the time in answering our questions! What will Chick Corea’s and Steve Gadd’s fans see at The Corea/Gadd Band concert? Would you please describe the great show we will attend in our country with the 2 music legends?

Steve Gadd and I have been talking about a project like this for many years. We finally found the time to schedule the making of a new recording and these several tours around the world.

Steve and I share a long history of music making together – so it was like fitting back into a comfortable shoe to being to play together again.

I always loved the way Steve interpreted my compositions – – he creates the special rhythms that you can’t just write down on paper. He listens to the composition and invents the perfect percussion accompaniment each time.

We made a recording of all new music in February and will be playing some of those new tunes as well as songs that we recorded together in the past.

Our percussionist is Luisito Quintero from Caracas – our bassist is Carlitos Del Puerto from Cuba – our guitarist is Lionel Loueke from Benin, Africa and our saxophonist is Steve Wilson from the US.

You have said that Latin American culture and music has always been deep in your heart. What are the rhythms/styles that you like the most, or that you believe stand out from our continent?

The rhythms of South America are so varied and so beautiful. It seems to me that most of these rhythms have their roots in Africa – – but the way they have evolved through the many South American cultures makes for a rich and diverse palette.

Now that you have recently turned 76 years old, do you feel there is something that you still have not learned? In the Jazz World, you are considered one of the biggest legends. What do you think about that? How do you deal with it? What do you think about Donald Trump’s government? Perhaps you still don’t have an opinion about him?

I continue to love to make music – and live performance is my favorite. I have always enjoyed learning something new – especially challenging myself to create new compositions and new bands and orchestrations. This is my Joy of living.

I’m very excited about coming to Peru to play with this new band. Especially with Steve Gadd!!

Thanks for your interest – –