Diario Vasco, San Sebastian

It’s a great honor to talk to you! Thank you for answering these questions by e-mail. I hope you don’t mind, but my English is really bad. Thanks in advance!

No problem – my Spanish is pretty bad too 🙂

First of all, tell me about your relation with San Sebastian. You’ve played several times – seven, eight, nine times? – in our Jazz Festival… What is your impression about the city?

It’s beautiful and the audiences are great.

And now you are on tour with Steve Gadd. You both made an album recently … What can advance us about it? What is the concept behind the title, ‘Chinese Butterfly’?

You will see on the CD, there is a short poem by a friend of mine. It inspired the title.

Steve said playing with Chick Corea takes him to “an other musical level”. What can you say about playing with Steve? How would you define him as a musician?

He’s amazing. He plays my music perfectly. He’s endlessly interesting with his drumming!

Tell me only a few words about each one: Lionel Loueké (guitar and voice), Carlitos del Puerto (bass), Luisito Quintero (percussion) and Steve Wilson (saxo).

Lionel is my newest friend. He’s a very simpatico musician with this sound of his own.

Carlitos is a master of both acoustic and electric basses–we match up together on many rhythmic levels.

Luisito is the most creative and musical percussionist I know. He makes melodies with his drums.

Steve Wilson has a unique sound and is an amazing improviser. We’ve worked together on many projects and it’s always a joy.

You are playing electric and acoustic piano. Which do you prefer, or which one makes you feel more comfortable?

Each instrument has a sound and a role – – the acoustic piano is my favorite. The electric instruments are good for other sounds and grooves.

Do you think is possible to discover new lands on jazz music or nowadays there is another kind of challenges which are more important than the pure innovation?

Every moment of life can be innovation. At least that’s the ideal. When life is new, it is really life – – when it becomes old, then one is living in the past and maybe dying a little.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Corea. You can add what you want.

You’re welcome. Thanks for your interest.

Best wishes

Armando Antonio Chick Corea 🙂