Jackson Hole News & Guide

It’s true, my life is rich in musical friendships. Each one is unique and incomparable. – Chick

Milwaukee Shepherd-Express

Music and Art are a kind of antidote to the Darkside of life – so it’s a pleasure to be able to deliver this every time I play. – Chick

La Provence, Marseille

Life without an Adventure and something challenging to do is a dull life – or no life at all. I love the challenge of exploring the infinite number of ways to communicate with music. – Dan

Musica Jazz, Italy

“Jazz” is everywhere, and that’s a great thing, because it is truly a universal language, as is all music. – Chick

The Seattle Times

I believe we can create whatever we want to create if we don’t let ourselves be stopped by the barriers. That’s probably the major challenge and also fun of life. – Chick

Amelia Island Chamber Music Society

The collaborative aspect of making music is the most exciting to me. Working with other like-minded musicians is a joy beyond saying. – Chick

Diario Vasco, San Sebastian

Every moment of life can be innovation. At least that’s the ideal. When life is new, it is really life – Chick

La Vanguardia, Barcelona

Communication is a huge subject. It’s something that should come very natural but sometimes it doesn’t. It’s an ability that can be enhanced and increased, with practice, in the right direction. – Chick

What’s Up Newp, Newport RI

Music lovers are pretty much spiritually the same everywhere. It’s something good human beings hold in common. – Chick

El Comercio, Mexico

I consider myself fortunate to be able to continue to bring my music to people everywhere. It’s a joy to be able to make people feel good. – Chick

PubliMetro, Venezuela

I always loved the way Steve Gadd interpreted my compositions – – he creates the special rhythms that you can’t just write down on paper. – Chick

For Pete Yellin

To Pete Yellin, my dear friend and Musical Teammate for a lifetime. Thanks for your dedication to Music throughout your whole productive life. – Chick

Tribute to George Martin

Our dear friend and amazingly beautiful human being and artist has left us. We celebrate his lifetime of artistic accomplishments – which we will never forget.