The Spanish Heart Band: Adventures in Europe

Hi all,

The Spanish Heart Band summer tour continues to roll right along! 

Week 3 began in Rotterdam, Netherlands where the group played at the North Sea Jazz festival, an event considered to be the largest indoor jazz festival in the world. The group took the stage to a responsive Bohemian crowd which reveled in all the influences present in the setlist. 

Next up was the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy. The anticipation for Chick’s buzz-worthy new group here was palpable, as Chick could hardly step foot anywhere in town without being approached by excited fans. This crowd was fully with them the entire show, and even ahead of them at times: during a momentary silence between songs, a spontaneous chorus of “Spain” broke out like a wave and prompted Chick and co. into a rousing performance of the hit, complete with a sing-along at the end. 

Then the group traveled to Freiburg, Germany where they played the Zelt-Musik-Festival on a nature reserve right outside the city. This tent-full of fans grabbed ahold and wouldn’t let go, calling the band out for two encores at the end of the night!

The final show of the week was played in Munich, Germany at the Gasteig–home to the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. Though this was in more of a classical setting, Chick and the Spanish Heart Band nevertheless had the entire crowd on their feet by the end of the show: a feat which, the longtime promoter there remarked, was quite uncommon. 

The final week of this rip-roaring European tour will conclude with a stretch of 4 consecutive shows in Spain and one in Marciac, France! 


Jordin + Chick’s Road Crew

Chick & The Spanish Heart Band in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

North Sea Jazz Festival // 14 July 2019

Chick & The Spanish Heart Band in Perugia, Italy

Umbria Jazz Festival // 16 July 2019

Chick & The Spanish Heart Band in Freiburg

Zelt Musik Festival // 18 July 2019

Chick & The Spanish Heart Band in Munich

Philharmonic Hall // 20 July 2019