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Why did you feel the need to revisit now, in 2019, the best of your “My Spanish Heart” and your “Touchstones” years

Well it’s more like a re-imagining than a re-visit.

My love of Latino rhythms and music has been with me for a very long time. The key point of the project is the band itself. This amazing group of musicians and singers made it possible for me to compose and arrange in the spirit of Spanish and Flamenco music without limits.

It started out as a special summer tour – – then the idea to record seemed enticing.

I guess that the music, your music, of course, is the “Antidote”. But to what poison ?!

The answer is in the lyrics to the song – – 


Lyrics by C. Corea

We dance and we sing and we play

Keep looking to find the way

Spreading the joy everywhere 

We are here to stay

We don’t want a war

We don’t need the cruelty 

As you can see when we all come around

It’s the gift we give 

It’s the Antidote we bring to all

For me, one the highest points of “Antidote” is the new version of Yellow Nimbus in two parts. It sounds so fresh and creative ! You have first recorded Yellow Nimbus with Paco de Lucia on “Touchstones”, and then recorded it again solo (“Solo Piano Originals Part One” in 1999, “Portraits” in 2014…). What is the place of that song in your vast catalog compared to your other classic songs ?

It was of course originally a duet composition for myself and Paco. Since then I have played it mostly solo. It’s challenging to play on the piano. The traditional flamenco Buleria rhythm sets ot apart.

You have recorded the beautiful song Zyryabwith Paco de Lucia for the album of the same name in 1990 (It was the only song where you featured.) Your new version is a kind of a “tribute” to his huge musical legacy ? I guess Paco de Lucia was way more than a virtuoso guitar player for you…

 I think for many, Paco was a musical visionary. While staying true to the deep roots of flamenco tradition, he connected to jazz and classical music and made his music the music of the world

You began to record in the mid sixties as a sideman with people like Dave Pike, Mongo Santamaria, Montego Joe and Cal Tjader. An during your long musical trip, you never forgot these roots. What is the most “latin” part of your personality ?

I think you create your life by what you immerse yourself in. It’s a spiritual choice rather than just a genetic background.

So, the “latin” part of me is My Spanish Heart.

Thanks for your questions and interest Frédéric – maybe we’ll cross paths this summer.