Made in Corea Celebrates 10 Years

Welcome to the 10th Aniversary of Made In Corea. I’m always so honored by the care and depth which Jarle, Ola, Fredrik and Erik arrange and present my compositions. I don’t know of another composer who is so honored as I am. These four wonderful musicians have performed aspects of my compositions that I never thought other musicians would try. …

A Still-Living Legend

This “Living Legend” thing is getting out of hand 🙂 And to John Tefft, US Ambassador to the Ukraine – I do appreciate the honor. Thank you, Sir. And please keep the torch burning for all Human Rights – especially the right to play whatever notes I choose – I thankfully grew up with that one 🙂 ∆ C

A Day in Moscow

In ’82 we played in this room at Spaso House, in the American Embassy of Moscow. That was during Soviet times and it was just like the movies > > with KGB everywhere. This time we visited with the current Ambassador Beyrle and his wife Jocelyn – – and the memories flooded back. Moscow is a brand new city struggling …

Good Morning from Basel

[Chick writes from Basel, Switzerland, where he’s on tour with Gary Burton.] Tonight I’m my own PR man. The concert was over-the-top tonight. The audience was unbelievably receptive. When we walked out on stage they gave the longest ovation I’ve ever gotten. Also the concert went very, very well — the piano was fantastic and the hall was perfect. O, …

Stocking Up at Amoeba Music, Los Angeles

We stocked up on CDs and DVDs at @amoebamusic in LA. That place is wild! We need some entertainment to while away the 14-hour flight to Perth. Australia, here we come with Return to Forever IV!

A Late Night at Dizzy’s: Chick & Marcus Roberts’ Jam Session

After Chick’s set with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center, he checked out the Marcus Roberts Trio show—here’s Chick’s take on it: Tonight was a wild and special night. The JALC band smoked and my Gayle was a highlight for the audience and the band, singing on “You’re Everything.” The night was filled with great moments. But after …

At the Veszprem Fest

[Chick writes from Veszprem, Hungary, where he and Kenny Garrett went to see the students of Dohna’nyi at the Conservatory of Music.] What a pleasant day at the music conservatory in Veszprem. The young musicians that performed for Kenny and myself were all very accomplished. And the folklore music that they played – some by Bartok – was amazing and …

From Marseille to Nice

South of France Hot sun during the day Nice and cool at night Swimming in the Mediterranean was a blast And the bus is not so bad – –

For Painting

I took these shots so I could have some nice landscapes to practice making watercolors. This was our drive from Munich airport to Unterach, Austria. These are all taken with the iPhone. The filtered ones are done with the Toy Camera app.

The Piano Player’s Wanderings in Nimes

This is the Coliseum that I played with Roy Haynes, Gary Peacock and Joe Henderson in the early ’80s – – it’s the most intact Roman Coliseum of all of them. Rome was quite an empire – – they developed so much technology.