Made in Corea Celebrates 10 Years

Welcome to the 10th Aniversary of Made In Corea. I’m always so honored by the care and depth which Jarle, Ola, Fredrik and Erik arrange and present my compositions. I don’t know of another composer who is so honored as I am.

These four wonderful musicians have performed aspects of my compositions that I never thought other musicians would try. That’s very adventurous – and it is inspiring for me to realize that my compositions can be played so beautifully by musicians other than myself and my own bands. So by
this, you have of course encouraged me to compose more and more. Thank you for that encouragement.

This is the 10th year of Made In Corea’s life and I send my congratulations, love and admiration to the founding quartet and to all the other musicians participating in this wonderful Festival.

I will look forward to hearing the recordings you make of these concerts.

Good luck and cheers.


Keep the Music Fires burning bright – –

Chick – October, 2011