Chick’s Photos From the Road: Japan

4 pianists - 1 pianist/vocalist - 2 bassists & 2 drummers - what a group! (l-r: Gayle Moran Corea, Makoto Ozone, Christian McBride, Martha Argerich, Chick, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White, Hiromi, Brian Blade)

The Matsushima Birds

My Japanese Sweetheart

Making a smoothie

The ingredients

The Backstage Umbrella Couple

Tokyo Subway

Our Peninsula Friends

The Kill Bill Restaurant

Caught in the shot

A perfect winter night

My Japanese garden

I feel at home here

Glorious Japan

It's cold out!

The Great Man

The Great Man

Gimme that camera

Solo piano touring entourage

Two wild young Nagoya musicians

Nori-san and friends