The Leprechaun

Chick Corea

Chick’s creativity was running on overdrive in 1976, with Return to Forever introducing a whole new generation to jazz. The Leprechaun is a crowning achievement of the era: an ambitious, carefully structured flight of fantasy, incorporating beautiful acoustic and electric tones, and the gorgeous, ethereal vocals of Gayle Moran. The bouncing “Imp’s Welcome” and “Pixiland Rag” sit amid stellar longer compositions like “Nite Sprite” and “Leprechaun’s Dream.”

Disc 1

  1. Imp's Welcome
  2. Lenore
  3. Reverie
  4. Looking at the World
  5. Nite Sprite
  6. Soft and Gentle
  7. Pixiland Rag
  8. Leprechaun's Dream, Pt. 1
  9. Leprechaun's Dream, Pt. 2

Disc 2

  1. Return to Forever (feat. Philip Bailey)
  2. Wake-Up Call
  3. Gadd-zooks