The Enchantment

Chick Corea & Béla Fleck

Befitting jazz, where stylistic boundaries slide away in the face of creativity, an innovative and unlikely pairing of two virtuoso instrumentalists — pianist Chick Corea and banjo player Béla Fleck — was born. In December 2006, the renowned pianist joined the extraordinary banjoist to make the duo recording, The Enchantment, released in May 2007 on Concord Records.

Corea and Fleck’s performances on The Enchantment are at once unique and accessible, featuring compact arrangements of both Corea and Fleck compositions (plus the standard Brazil), brought to life by the duo’s near-telepathic, in-the-moment musical interplay.

This special recording project was supported by an extensive tour that featured the pair performing compositions from this recording, as well as duet renditions of songs from both artists’ classic repertoires.

Album Tracks

  1. Señorita
  2. Spectacle
  3. Joban dna Nopia
  4. Mountain
  5. Children's Song #6
  6. A Strange Romance
  7. Menagerie
  8. Waltse for Abby
  9. Brazil
  10. The Enchantment
  11. Sunset Road