Chick Corea & Bobby McFerrin

Chick and Bobby McFerrin banded together to record Play, an ebullient romp of jazz standards, improvisations, and generally good-natured audio hijinx, for Blue Note Records. The album was recorded in 1992 before enthusiastic audiences at New York’s Carnegie Hall and Washington DC’s Wolf Trap Amphitheater, and was a dazzling display of a musical friendship’s spontaneity.
The title of this album was inspired by Chick. He reminded me that this is the first musical command of teachers to students when they begin their musical journey together. Most musicians today have forgotten that and disregard “play” as the essential element in all honest music making. Chick takes this “play”ing seriously and our time together was like letting two children with sweet tooths on OVERDRIVE in a candy store without adult supervision. What magic! What brilliance! What eagerness to let the music just happen itself. Chick is a master at letting the audience “in” on every clunk, every whisp, slam dunk, drop-kick, snort, grunt, giggle, heavy, lightness of music making. Chick, my sincere thanks for letting me in.
Bobby McFerrin
Playing these 6 concerts with Bobby has been a total joy. We chased the Muse each night. We explored nooks and crannies of our imaginations. We took each nuance and impulse as it came along and made them all live. We discarded nothing. We admired each other’s offerings with no reservations. But the real magic was that the audience was part of the creation the whole way. Bobby’s command of artistic communication is magnificent and inspiring. I learned a great deal from him about the art of performance. It was an adventure and incredible fun! We really played. Thank you, Bobby.
Chick Corea

Album Tracks

  1. Spain
  2. Even For Me
  3. Autumn Leaves
  4. Blues Connotation
  5. 'Round Midnight
  6. Blue Bossa