Live at the Blue Note

Chick Corea & Origin

Captured in live performance at The Blue Note, Chick Core presents Origin, the premier recording by the legendary pianist/composer with his phenomenal, new, much-talked-about working unit. Leading one of the most daring and creative ensembles in jazz-featuring the remarkable talents of Avishai Cohen (bass), Adam Cruz (drums), Steve Davis (trombone), Bob Sheppard (saxophones, woodwinds) and Steve Wilson (saxophones, woodwonds) – one of jazz’s most exciting innovators returns to his jazz roots (playing acoustic piano in an acoustic group setting), finding himself once again at another familiar place – on the cutting edge.

Album Tracks

  1. Say It Again Pt. 1
  2. Say It Again Pt. 2
  3. Double Image
  4. Dreamless
  5. Molecules
  6. Soul Mates
  7. It Could Happen To You