In Concert, Zurich, October 28, 1979

Chick Corea & Gary Burton

If there was any doubt that Crystal Silence and Duet were in-the-moment, unedited albums of near-perfection, the chance to hear the duo live, from a single performance, put any such thoughts to rest. Opening the concert with the same track that began Crystal Silence, the fiery “Señor Mouse” is delivered with even greater energy, virtuosity and dynamics, hard though it may be to believe it possible.

Of the eight duet tracks on this now-restored double-disc set, most of it comes from the two previous studio discs, including an even more sublime version of “Crystal Silence” that also turns more decidedly percussive during Corea’s solo. Still, there’s room for some new material from Corea, including the bebop-tinged “Bud Powell,” which would become a staple in later acoustic groups, the brightly lyrical “Tweak,” and change-heavy but equally thematic “Mirror, Mirror.”

— AllAboutJazz

Album Tracks

  1. Señor Mouse
  2. Bud Powell
  3. Crystal Silence
  4. Tweak
  5. Falling Grace
  6. Mirror, Mirror
  7. Song to Gayle
  8. Endless Trouble, Endless Pleasure