Five Peace Band Live

Chick Corea & John McLaughlin

"John and I have so many musical tastes and experiences that we share. Shortly after meeting each other for the first time in NYC (’69), when John came from England to play with Tony Williams, we found ourselves at Columbia recording studios with Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette, Joe Zawinul and other great musicians recording the musical experiments that became In A Slient Way and Bitches Brew. Since that time we’ve always stayed in touch and talked about someday making some music together. Through the years, this happened only a few times, sitting in with one another and recording together a few times, but not until this project have we gotten around to really developing some music together.

"The “Five Peace Band” is a dream band for me—playing with some of my favorite musicians of all time.

"I decline to attempt to describe this music or give it a name. But I will say that it’s a music that is made by five musicians who don’t care about what it’s called or where it comes from or what are its “influences.” I will also say that we’ve just scratched the surface of what more might be done with this collaboration. So, humbly offered (but not so humbly played) is a selection of the performances from our first outing—22 concerts throughout Europe, fall of 2008.

"My thanks and admiration to John, Kenny, Christian and Vinnie for making these concerts a joy to be a part of."

— Chick Corea

"I first heard Chick play in 1967. It was on an album from percussionist Montego Joe. I was so impressed with Chick’s playing I kept telling all of my musician friends about him, and that he would soon be with Miles Davis. My prophecy was correct. By 1968 he was in Miles’ band. In January of 1969 we met for the first time at the recording of Miles Davis’ pivotal album In a Silent Way. It was a real thrill to be with Miles, but a special pleasure to meet and play with Chick because of my own predictions about him earlier. We soon became fast friends, and in addition to sharing musical experiences with Miles, we shared our experiences in the search for new ways of thinking and being. As time passed we both founded “new form” groups, the most celebrated being Chick’s “Return to Forever” and my own “Mahavishnu Orchestra.” Over the years we have played together, but for the most part in duo. We haven’t really played so often together, but even so we’ve developed a certain complicity in the duo form that I’ve never found anywhere else. 5 Peace Band is an exception to all of the above. The idea is Chick’s. Furthermore, his selection of the other musicians in the band — Kenny, Christian and Vinnie—was impeccable. The only thing I gave to the creation of the band was its name! We have already made a big tour of the European continent, and to play with Chick and the guys every night is a continuous thrill. Chick is simply one of the greatest musicians of our time, who surprises me constantly, and inspires me every night. I hope you hear some of these sentiments in the music of this CD."

— John McLaughlin

Disc 1

  1. Raju
  2. The Disguise
  3. New Blues, Old Bruise
  4. Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy

Disc 2

  1. Dr. Jackle
  2. Señor C.S.
  3. In a Silent Way / It's About That Time
  4. Someday My Prince Will Come (with Herbie Hancock)