Chick Corea & Origin

Chick Corea & Origin’s simply titled release Change exemplifies a super-band’s continual exploration of its identity within the live, natural context. Change is their second release on Stretch Records and their debut studio recording.

Change has its roots in a series of particularly inspired jam sessions with the sextet, comprised of bassist Avishai Cohen, trombonist Steve Davis, saxophonists Steve Wilson and Bob Sheppard and drummer Jeff Ballard.

Change brings Origin one step closer to Corea’s conception of a dream ensemble, a group of musicians unusually attuned to each other’s playing, united under the like-minded goal of bringing to life the music of a leader able to compose and arrange challenging material with specific instrumental voices in mind.

Album Tracks

  1. Wigwam
  2. Armando's Tango
  3. Little Flamenco
  4. Early Afternoon Blues
  5. Before Your Eyes
  6. LA Scenes
  7. Home
  8. The Spinner
  9. Compassion
  10. Night (Lyla)
  11. Awakening