Return to Forever IV: Wour Tour 2011

Return To Forever IV Comes Together: A Night To Remember in the Glorious History of Return to Forever There’ve been a lot of memorable nights since Chick Corea organized the first installment of Return to Forever, way back in the early ‘70s. Little could he have realized, those many years ago, that he was planting the seed for a musical …

Backstage Video: Chick & the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra

Here’s what you couldn’t see on stage! Recorded on the Nov. 2010 tour of Sweden and Norway, with Chick and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. The TJO joined Chick on his 2005 album Live in Molde.

Artist Spotlight Video Series #4: Roy Haynes

Roy Haynes is a jazz legend of the first order. In a career spanning 7 decades, Roy has helped to write the story of modern jazz, drumming with Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane and just about everyone else. Chick’s groundbreaking 1968 album Now He Sings, Now He Sobs was his first encounter with Roy, and they’ve been …

Interview: Chick’s Early Gigs Opposite Thelonious Monk

Chick talks backstage at the Umbria Jazz Festival about his early days in New York, where he played gigs opposite Thelonious Monk’s legendary groups. Just two more US Freedom Band dates left—if you’re in the area, don’t let these shows pass you by. Portland, OR: September 17 Monterey Jazz Festival: September 18

Video: Corea + McBride + Blade Live

This trio first came together on the Five Peace Band tour in 2009, when Brian Blade took over the drum chair from Vinnie Colaiuta. On that tour, there were moments when John McLaughlin and Kenny Garrett laid out, and a powerful, deeply improvisational trio sound was born. See the full live concert schedule for Corea + McBride + Blade’s tour …

Video: the Freedom Band in Rehearsal

This was shot in rehearsal, just before the Freedom Band set at the Istanbul Jazz Festival—you can tell right away why Chick calls this band “a group of friends.” Just two US dates for the Freedom Band left: Portland, OR: September 17 Monterey Jazz Festival: September 18