7 Cities in 9 Days: Chick Corea Trilogy Wraps its US Tour

Hi all,

With the finish line in sight, Trilogy wrapped up the final week of their North American Tour in flying colors — spanning 7 different cities in 9 days!

The balmy port town of Wilmington, NC was first up, where folks at The Wilson Center showed the trio some true southern hospitality.

Wilmington, NC

October 23, 2019

Following that was a gig in Winston-Salem, NC at Wake Forest University. The venue, the gorgeous 63-year old Wait Chapel, opened up the sound to a whole new acoustic, especially heightening the slower, melodic pieces.

Winston-Salem, NC

October 24, 2019

A gig in Patchogue, NY followed, where the New York faithful made the group feel right at home.

Patchogue, NY

October 25, 2019

And then was the highly-anticipated Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, PA — hometown of our very own Christian McBride. Chick opened the show by recounting to the packed crowd a list of Philly legends: “Stan Getz, McCoy Tyner, Kenny Barron… Christian McBride!” And, predictably, the night took off from there and maintained altitude in the stratosphere.

Philadelphia, PA

October 27, 2019

Then in Charleston, SC, one of the best food towns in America, the group delivered a delectable evening to those at the Gaillard Center and had them coming back for seconds.

Charleston, SC

October 29, 2019

Following that was the Strathmore Music Center in Bethesda, MD, a stunning venue with maple flooring and birch walls which took the trio’s locked-in playing and elevated it to new heights. (Compound that with the fact that Bethesda’s baseball team, the Washington Nationals, won the World Series that night and you have an evening that no local is soon to forget.)

Bethesda, MD

October 30, 2019

And finally, arriving in the middle of a snowstorm, the group took the stage one last time at the illustrious Chicago Symphony Hall and delivered a knockout performance. One attendee I talked to afterwards said that he had been having a very stressful week but from the moment the show began to the final note of the encore, he felt totally removed from all his worries and when he left the auditorium he had a renewed, serene outlook on life.

Chicago, IL

November 1, 2019

And that seemed to be the keynote of this incredible tour — beyond the sublime auditory experience and world-class musicianship on display, the shows provided something more than that. Chick himself knows it better than anyone else: “I’m happy when I see my audiences smiling and enjoying the music or in some way experiencing pleasure from it… Music and art are a kind of antidote to the dark side of life, so it’s a pleasure to be able to deliver this every time I play.”

More to come soon!


Jordin + Chick’s Road Crew