Spain Welcomes Chick’s Spanish Heart Band

Hi all! 

Hard to imagine a more fitting way to wrap up the Spanish Heart Band Tour than with a stretch of four consecutive shows in Spain! And what better way to start this Spanish stint than by playing in—that’s right—a bullring! Almería is where our first show brought us, and it’s also home to our guitarist, Niño Josele—which fact the crowd made sure to remind us of repeatedly in between songs and after some particularly breathtaking guitar solos. This, combined with the atmosphere of the setting, made for a night that was remarkable in more ways than one. 

The next day brought us to the Mediterranean beach town of San Javier where Chick and co. once again brought the crowd to their feet and even had a couple of guest appearances during the show: our tour manager, Kris Campbell, came out to perform the vocals for “My Spanish Heart” and 20-year-old Jose Josele (son of Niño Josele) sat in on the piano for two songs! 

Following this was a show in Madrid at the Botanical Gardens of Complutense University—one of the oldest universities in the world. As the opening act of the evening was the Paco de Lucía Project, an act comprised largely of former band members and collaborators of Paco’s, this night was to be a celebration of flamenco music itself. And a celebration it was, as the crowd relished in Chick’s new arrangements of “The Yellow Nimbus” and “Zyriab”, and practically brought the house down every time Jorge Pardo or Niño Josele—two longtime bandmates of Paco’s—were featured. 

The final Spanish show was at the Theatre Grec (Greek Theater) in Barcelona. This lively night had the crowd so enthused by the end, audience members joined the band on stage for a full-on dance party after the encore! 

And finally, the group played in Marciac, France at the Jazz in Marciac festival. This was to be the last performance of this European tour, so naturally the group brought everything they had to this one and truly left nothing to be desired. Chick also sat in at the end of Wynton Marsalis’ set, thus giving the tent full of 2500+ fans even more of a night to remember. 

And thus a wildly exciting and successful tour came to an end! But the adventures on the road definitely aren’t stopping… Stay tuned for more updates very soon! 



Chick & The Spanish Heart Band in Almeria, Spain

Plaza de Toros de Almeria // 24 July 2019

Chick and the Spanish Heart Band in San Javier, Spain

Auditorio Parque Almansa // 25 July 2019

Chick & The Spanish Heart Band in Madrid

Real Jardin Botanico Alfonso Xlll // 26 July 2019

Chick & The Spanish Heart Band in Barcelona, Spain

Teatre Grec // 28 July 2019

Chick & The Spanish Heart Band in Marciac, France

Marciac Jazz Festival // 30 July 2019