Corriere della Sera

During the solo concert are you switching from electric to acoustic piano? and if yes which are your favourite pieces in an acoustic setting?

I play only acoustic piano in my solo concert. I find it to be the most expressive keyboard that I play, overall. Of course, it was my first instrument and remains my favorite one to this day.

I choose a different set of music every night. I will probably play some of my Children’s Songs as well.

Do you consider solo piano show a challenge like it happens for some of your colleagues?

Playing solo piano is a little lonely, but it’s also exciting to explore my own tendencies spontaneously.

Miles Davis is celebrated everywhere also for the ’68 project. Which, in your opinion, is his main achievement and then heritage for young generation?

Everything Miles created is part of his great legacy. He is the center of the development of jazz in the second half of the 20th century. And his influence still pervades every musical genre to this day.

Have you ever thought of composing a new Children’s Songs?

I haven’t – but this theme seems to keep entering my creative life since I am continually inspired by young people and children in general.

Is the first time that you play Mozart in front of an European audience?

No – I have performed Mozart with the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, Friedrich Gulda and Nikolaus Harnoncourt many years ago. It was a thrill then, and still is a thrill, to play Mozart’s beautiful melodies.

Is the Latin sound still important to you?

Latin rhythms of all kinds are part of my being. I grew up with them. The cultural connection to South America, Spain and the Caribbean Islands is something dear to me.

Thank you again. All the best,

My pleasure