New Indian Express

After all these years of creating music and being on the road for shows, what’s the one thing that keeps you excited about new shows and travel? Do you ever feel a sense of exhaustion coming over?

I love making music for live audiences. It’s one of the most fulfilling things about Art. I find that “exhaustion” comes from doing something that you don’t really want to do.

As a 22-time Grammy award winner, is perfection something that you are actively seeking?

Perfection is a wrong target for life. I like to cause inspiring effects and help others realize their creative potential.

You have mentioned in other interviews how you grew up listening to Miles Davis’ band and how you went on to play for the man himself. How was it to be/create music in the environment of someone that you saw a teacher?

Working with Miles was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had. He was a great teacher and friend. He set a very high standard for artistic integrity.

You’ve worked with a wide gamut of musical partners over the years. How influential have these collaborations been in reinventing sound?

I receive continual inspiration from my musical collaborators. I look for this quality when I choose my musical partners and projects.

How have your music sensibilities evolved over the years? And was there ever a crisis as to what Chick Corea’s definitive sound was?

I never paid much attention to “my sound.” I always try to make my music sound as beautiful as I can.

How much structure of a piece do you work out ahead of time for a free improv session?

It varies – – usually none. But sometimes I start with a concept or the idea of painting a musical portrait.

What are you most excited about your debut trip to India?

To touch your land after a lifetime is quite exciting to me. India’s spiritual history has always been a part of my life. Now I will touch the land!

What is your favourite part of creating an album and what’s the most non-glamorous part of the job?

These days, I make most of my recordings from live concerts. It’s where the spontaneity happens. I love all aspects of making a recording, including creating the package and look and liners.

There is this romantic notion that people are creative instinctively. Is that something you subscribe to? Or do you think creativity comes more from a necessity?

I think that all beings are basically creative. That’s why it can’t be “taught.” It only invalidates the being when you try to instruct someone in “how to be creative,” One can only help and encourage others to be themselves and use their innate and natural ability to create.

Where do you see yourself moving towards musically over the next couple of years?

I have many dreams. It’s a continual process of how to accomplish as much as I possibly can. It’s the joy of living, to create music.