JazzTimes: Chick and Wynton “In Perfect Synch”

JazzTimes got full backstage access for Chick’s shows with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

Check out their description of this killer take on Chick’s “Wigwam.”

Wynton turned in a stellar solo here and Victor Goines offered a thoughtful, half-time soprano sax solo that gradually built to an ecstatic peak of Liebmanesque intensity as Marsalis shouted enthusiastic encouragement (‘You got it, baby!’) from the trumpet section. The piece built to a wild climax with the horns shouting raucously, in the fashion of Ellington’s ‘jungle band,’ while Corea soloed brilliantly over the top.

In short—in case you don’t get it from that description—it was an ubelievable weekend.

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