With Roy Haynes in Germany

Chick Powers Through a Piano-Drums Duet with Roy Haynes

Chick on stage with Roy Haynes

What a thrill it was to meet up with Roy Haynes the other night in Germany. It was Roy’s first Euro gig for his tour. I’ve been out now for a few weeks. So when I walked into the hotel after a long day’s travel, there was Roy sitting in the restaurant by himself having an 11 p.m. salad. Of course I joined him, and we had a long-overdue Hello and chat.

Roy’s the living embodiment of the jazz Legacy that I grew up with and learned from. That night Roy told me some great stories of the famous 52nd Street in NYC in the late ’40s – when he was playing with the Bud Powell trio and Bird was performing at the “Three Deuces” across the street. Roy said Bird came over to him when he was playing with Bud and asked him to join his band – but Roy was enjoying playing with Bud too much. That was when Bud was in his Heyday!

Well, after Roy’s opening set the next night, I went up on stage with Roy and we played together – – a duet on Bud’s “Oblivion” – – what a treat!! Thanks Roy – – – for Everything!!