For Painting

I took these shots so I could have some nice landscapes to practice making watercolors. This was our drive from Munich airport to Unterach, Austria. These are all taken with the iPhone. The filtered ones are done with the Toy Camera app.

The Piano Player’s Wanderings in Nimes

This is the Coliseum that I played with Roy Haynes, Gary Peacock and Joe Henderson in the early ’80s – – it’s the most intact Roman Coliseum of all of them. Rome was quite an empire – – they developed so much technology.

So Nice in Nice

[Chick writes from Nice, where John McLaughlin sat in with the Freedom Band.] It was a blast playing with John again – – it was like the Four Peace Freedom Band with Roy Haynes on drums! We jammed on “Someday My Price Will Come” and “Matrix” – – and then did some Rap Jamming for an encore – – that …

Lots of Fun with Al Jarreau in Marseille

[Chick writes from Marseille, France, where he and Al Jarreau took the stage for an impromptu duet.] Al is such a sweet hearted man. I love his rapport with the audience. He loves them and they love him – – his band is killin’!! I sat in on “Summertime” and “Spain” – a moment to be fondly remembered for a …

A Walk in Perugia

[Chick writes from Perugia, Italy.] It’s nice to take a walk – – beautiful weather here!

Chick Meets Old Friends on the Road

[Chick writes from the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands, July 10.] Old home week – – That’s Dee Dee Bridgewater – – lots of fun – – she has a great band. Nice seeing Herbie. Gave me his new CD.

Backstage at the Blue Note: Chick, Eddie Gomez, John Scofield

Let’s just say I asked you to make a list of the ten greatest artists of modern jazz. Who would you place on that list? Well, for me, Chick Corea and John Scofield would most certainly be on that list and at, or near, the very top. Well, when Bill Rooney, Chick’s great manager, invited me to attend one of …

A Birthday Concerto in the Spirit of Mozart

In the summer of ’06 I got to realize a musical dream. I was commissioned to write a piece of music “In The Spirit Of Mozart” by the “Wiener Mozartjahr 2006” – one of Mozart’s musical homes – and to premier it in Vienna, one of the most musical cities in the world. The whole experience was a wonderful experiment …

Five Decades of Music In a One-Hour Interview

When I was told that Chick Corea would be given the Richard J. Bogomolny National Service Award for his many contributions in virtually every style of ensemble music imaginable by Chamber Music America at their 2010 conference here in New York and that one of the various events celebrating Chick would be a one hour interview that they wanted me …

Interview with Myself: Herbie in Germany

“Interview With Myself” You seemed really content and smiling after the show tonight. What was the reason(s)? Are you kidding? Tonight was Special! When do I get a chance to play solo piano in concert and have one of my favorite pianist/composer/musicians of all time there in the audience? Herbie was there tonight (Hancock of course). He brought John Axelrod …

With Roy Haynes in Germany

What a thrill it was to meet up with Roy Haynes the other night in Germany. It was Roy’s first Euro gig for his tour. I’ve been out now for a few weeks. So when I walked into the hotel after a long day’s travel, there was Roy sitting in the restaurant by himself having an 11 p.m. salad. Of …

Interview with Myself: Being on Tour

What’s it like to be on tour with yourself? After the intensities of the RTF Returns and Five Peace Band tours over the last 2 years, playing in my smallest, most intimate band has been a nice contrast. I get to “practice the piano” – something which becomes rarer and rarer as I become busier and busier.