Good Morning from Basel

[Chick writes from Basel, Switzerland, where he’s on tour with Gary Burton.]

Tonight I’m my own PR man.

The concert was over-the-top tonight. The audience was unbelievably receptive. When we walked out on stage they gave the longest ovation I’ve ever gotten.

Also the concert went very, very well — the piano was fantastic and the hall was perfect.

O, by the way, it was sold out, too!

Sorry I don’t have any photos. But this is the hall that Touchstone played several years ago. That seemed like another lifetime.

Anyway, I thought you’d like to know the blow-by-blow, lined up in a row, from head to toe ∞

Chick  ♬ ♪ ♬

4 comments on “Good Morning from Basel
  1. We love you, Chick. I am a Vibes, Steel Drum player and have enjoyed your music for decades. I used to have your Grammy winning song book back in 1976, (with Senior Mouse) I still (try to ) play that one, along with many others. Thank you so much for you wonderful inspiring music. Christopher Kern, Portland,OR

  2. Also, Gary(Burton) We LOVE you too. I am such a big fan and a vibist and steel pan player. I met you Gary in 1977 in NYC. I came out to a club you were at and had dinner and listened in sheer amazement. I approached you as you were going back stage and stopped you ..( I was all of about 18 years old) and I had just learned your grip and was studying your “Four Mallet Technique” music book…anyway I decided that I was going to bother you ’cause as I was visiting from Oregon (where I live still) and I figured that I may never get the opportunity to meet you again so I went up and asked you if I had the grip correct, you gave me your mallets and said something like “okay, let’s see…”- man, those mallets were heavier than any I had seen – Anyway you said “you got it!” and went back stage. I felt a little sheepish that I had come up to you like that ( I can tell you that I am aware of how annoying that can be…being a player myself now for 38 years) but I am glad I did it and you were as polite as you could be. …well as polite as you needed to be, ha ha . seriously, best of luck to you and thank you so much for forging a path for us to follow. If you ever want to correspond, I am Christopher Kern email: ckpanman@aol.comnor Facebook search “Christopher Kern”

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