The Piano Player’s Wanderings in Nimes

This is the Coliseum that I played with Roy Haynes, Gary Peacock and Joe Henderson in the early ’80s – – it’s the most intact Roman Coliseum of all of them. Rome was quite an empire – – they developed so much technology.

Nimes Coliseum

Nimes Coliseum 2

Walking Street

Pink sky

Church next to the hotel

Composing a new song


Veggie / fruit smoothie

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  3. hi chick, what is the keyboard you're using in your hotel room ? is it a master keyboard controller with no sound ? there is certainly a piano sound in it , because i don't see any computer, and i think it's a Tv in the background !!! have fun in Nimes ! (i'm from Nice ). (it's quite unique to see what's your doing in your hotel room …drawying, composing ….. as you're for me the musical genius who changed and inspired my life forever in the music area. thanks for sharing all these moments from your life on the tour ! i didn't see you in concert since 1994 (my last concert with you was the Elektric band II), as i have damaged hearing and can't go to concert anymore, but i really hope i will have the chance to talk or see you again in a possible near future ! thank you so much for your inspiration.(i'm producing my first jazz album with eric marienthal and maybe Dave weckl as guest 🙂 …

    • its the yamaha NP30 portable grand piano:n has onboard sounds and built in speakers.

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